20 August, 2011

$99 HP TouchPad - Firesale

Liquidation begin at HP for TouchPad.

  1. $99 at PCRichards.com - selling fast - print it out for a refund if needed - http://www.pcrichard.com/catalog/product.jsp?modelNo=TP16WF&srccode=cii_7240393&cpncode=28-3479222#
  2. $129.99 at Office Depot - http://www.officedepot.com/a/products/278385/HP-TouchPad-Tablet-16GB/
  3. $149 for 64GB at Tiger Direct - http://www.tigerdirect.com

02 November, 2008

Unboxing New Macbook (Apple Center, Bangalore)

Bought a New Mac Book yesterday from Apple Center (Imagine - Ample Technologies), Forum Mall, Bangalore. Damages were Rs.75,900 (gift voucher worth Rs.2,000) for the 2GHz model (US price $1299)

Surprisingly the folks at the apple center knew a lot about the laptop when i tried to quiz them - like the DDR Speed, FSB Speed, Penryn, NVIDIA gMCH and about boot camp.

Now to unboxing

1. It was a huge bag - was not expecting it to be this huge - the white color apple packing was inside the box

New Mac Book 001

2. Out of the bag. Ample Technologies and Serial number on the box.

New Mac Book 002

3. Well packed

New Mac Book 004

4. Out of the box. It was 'heavy'

New Mac Book 005

5. Front. The box is like a case with handle

New Mac Book 006

6. Box opened - Well packed. Accessories below.

New Mac Book 007

7. Oooohh.. so sexy and it was cold (aluminum)

New Mac Book 008

8. There is a plastic wrapping the laptop. Now opened - the glass screen is too sexy

New Mac Book 009

9. Below the laptop

New Mac Book 010

10. Accessories neatly tucked away

New Mac Book 011

16 June, 2008

Early Layoff Indicators (Experiences from Sun Microsystems)

6 weeks to layoffs: All the open reqs would get closed. Bagels and muffins on Fridays are replaced with bagels only. Cream cheese flavors go away, leaving just plain cream cheese, but only two 8-oz tubs for 36 bagels. The lights on buildings were set to go off at 6PM to lower electrical costs, occasionally throwing employees who chose the wrong moment to use the rest room into total darkness. Shutting off the air conditioning during periods of peak loading, to help the California power grid, and just coincidently to save the company money. The problem was that these peak loading times generally occurred on the hottest days of the year.

5 weeks to layoffs: All personnel reviews stop. Emails for "let's get these projects wrapped up" steps up, but not from anyone you know. More "one-on-one" meetings for status, but no one is listening to you, and these are often canceled at the last minute, with no reason given.

4 weeks to layoffs: Real Half & Half disappears from the break room. Replaced with nondairy coffee creamer (plain, not flavored.) Vending machine expiration dates are getting closer to today's date. Bagels go away. For some reason, they keep delivering the cream cheese, though. Folks stop using their vacation, and canceling previously scheduled vacations. However, sick-time goes up dramatically usually in patterns of "3 days present, 2 days absent." No one will say why.

3 weeks to layoffs: General downgrade in level of still-open job requisitions (already noted.) Oblivious employees do not notice this phenomenon until they are given "the talk" by their supervisor: "I can't guarantee anything because I don't know what the final cut might look like, but you *are* on the list." Cream cheese finally disappears on Fridays. Nondairy coffee creamer continues to be available, but now rationing of coffee bags is apparent. No one is making afternoon coffee, usually because there aren't any coffee bags with which to make it.

2 weeks to layoffs: Weekly staff meetings stop. Direct level manager is frequently unavailable to discuss pretty much anything. Next level up is "hunkered down," trying to figure out "how deep, how quick, how extensive." Project meetings are often postponed to a date that's one week beyond what the project leader thinks is the impending RIF date. People are in their offices, working industriously to finish projects, if possible, working toward some mysterious, unstated deadline.

1 week to layoffs: Daily newspapers carry stories of investor meetings; the stock is UP on rumors of cost-cutting "now in progress." HR personnel are unavailable to assist in relocation to other areas of the company. Employees are on their "best behavior" but no one seems to notice. Managers and directors are now using their voicemail to 'screen' incoming from inside the company. Morning coffee strength has now DOUBLED, and 2 bags are now used to make 1 pot of coffee. Coffee runs out about 11:15 a.m., for the day. Phone call volume is up, but everyone is whispering. The HR department looks like a cemetery. Everyone disappears about 1:00 p.m. daily. They're present, we just don't know where. For some reason, cream cheese once again appears in the lunch room, with about 3 or maybe 4 bagels, which are gone by 8:30 a.m. You only know this if you get to work before 8:30 a.m.

Layoff day: It's like Disneyland, with quite a bit of chaos and every manager being led around like a Disney character with their attendant HR person carrying 3 or 4 employee folders at a time. They call people into an office with too many chairs. Sometimes Security personnel roam the hallways with ear-pieces that are squawking at regular intervals. The meetings last for about 6 or 7 minutes. No one is listening. These folks have a job to do, perhaps the most important one they've done in weeks. "Where is x?" "I think she went home sick." "Well, find her." Doors open, doors close, occasional quiet sobbing but mostly a sad resignation (no pun intended) to one's fate. Others are clearing out their offices, some more aggressively than others ("How *do* you remove a Blade server without setting off the status alarm?") By 2:00 p.m., everything is very quiet. (You only know this if you weren't laid off.) All the managers have gone home, or they're in the restrooms throwing up and crying. Either way, most individual contributors are on phones, trying to figure out who on their team is left to continue the project (if anyone.) Like any natural disaster after communication is once again restored, people are trying desperately to connect with other people they know, to obtain status, next steps, and perhaps most of all, reassurance that the worst has past.

Others: According to the story, at one large company, the most reliable indicator of layoffs or downsizing was with the vending machines. As the story goes, the company would notify the vending operator that the number of nearby people would be going down. So the vending machine operator would get to work and trade out all the big vending machines for smaller ones. Often the vending machine tradeout would precede the public notification of the layoffs by a significant time (like a couple of weeks).

28 October, 2007

More photos of my iPhone

SummerBoard Theme - UnL0CkER

Page that shows iPhone version number

Various networks that i can detect in Bangalore, India.

24 October, 2007

Apple Iphone on Hutch (Vodafone) hacked v1.1.1

Finally got hold of my Iphone. Its the latest firmware version 1.1.1. Hacked it (all niter;) and got it to work with my Hutch-Vodafone in Bangalore. I have tried on all major networks in India and works fine. Used Touchfree, Winscp and Anysim in the process.

15 October, 2007

La-Z-Boy Cardinal

Recent addition to the family. La-Z-Boy Cardinal. Stanley Leather - Cigar. Costed around 53K. Bought it at the La-Z-Boy outlet on Outer Ring Road, Bangalore

  1. http://www.stanleyboutique.com/ - in bangalore
  2. http://www.la-z-boy.com/ - official webpage

03 July, 2006

XBox Live! and BSNL Broadband

I have been using XBox Live for over two months now using BSNL broadband. I was a little worried about the bandwidth usage, since the plan I have limits to 1GB. I have had BSNL Broadband for over 2 years now and it works great. I used to connect only my laptop to the internet, so the bandwidth usage calculation was very easy. I use a freeware ‘down2home’ (http://jitserv.coolfreepage.com/). It gives monthly bandwidth usage (graphs and numbers). I also came across a useful python script that calculates bandwidth usage by pinging You can get the code from http://prashblog.be/2006/06/20/bsnl-dataone-usage-for-speed-256/

The problem comes when I try to connect my XBox to the internet. There is no way for me to find out how much bandwidth I am using while playing XBox Live!